What’s New with EFC Applications?

The Student Activity Finance Board has updated the EFC application process for the Fall 2016 semester, in accordance with a spirit of continuous improvement.

PDF Application Forms

The Application Forms are now PDF based, making them more intuitive to complete, and readable. The previous Excel based forms will no longer be accepted. Remember, you still need to submit a printed and signed hard copy. Grey cells on the PDF form indicate a calculated value. If you have any concerns about completing the form, bring them to the review meeting. However, please attempt to complete the PDF form as much as possible before this meeting.

OrgSync Application Submissions

Receiving Applications on OrgSync allows SAFB to more accurately track the status of applications, and ensure the process is handled fairly. Also, this allows the applications to be associated with your RSO’s portal for record-keeping purposes.

Application Review Meeting

To streamline the application process, and reduce errors, meeting with SAFB is now required before submitting the applications. This allows for errors to be caught and addressed before the application is final. Also, SAFB is now using an automated scheduling tool through Google Calendar.

StuCo Requirements

In some aspects, the factors that influence the processing of your application may include, but is not limited to, the history of at least one representative of your organization attending (or not attending) Student Council meetings.

If you have questions about this specification and how it applies (or doesn’t apply) to your organization, contact stuco@mst.edu

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