PDF Application Filling

The new and improved SAFB EFC funding applications are formatted as a “fillable” PDF. This allows the applications to be more intuitive, and readable. The new applications are available from https://sites.google.com/a/mst.edu/safb/efc/applications

  • The “View” link is to preview the form, to begin filling, please click “Download” and save the PDF to your computer.
  • You can click in the boxes to begin typing, while grey shaded boxes auto-calculate.
  • If you are experiencing difficulty filling the form, please open it in Adobe Acrobat. Right click on the save file, and use the “Open In…” menu.
  • Google Chrome attempts to force you to use the Google’s built in PDF application when downloaded through Chrome.  Open the PDF from the downloads folder to avoid this issue.
  • Using a Mac? The default “Preview” application allows for the fields to be filled, but will not display the calculated values. The calculated values will displayed properly when opened on a PC again. Alternatively, Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded and used on a Mac, to avoid this issue.
  • Adobe Acrobat is available for free, and the Pro version is available on campus computers, including CLCs and the Student Council Office in Havener.
  • You can save a partially filled PDF to your computer, and upload to OrgSync, like any regular file. Remember to save!
  • Feel free to use the Student Council Computers in Havener to complete the application.

Remember, The OrgSync uploaded copy should be the fillable PDF, not a scan. Only the paper copy should be signed.


Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

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