Student Activity Fee Approved

On Tuesday, October 25th, 2016, Student Council Approved the Student Activity Fee as recommended by the Student Activity Finance Board. SAFB Recommendations:!AupIP-A_9yXAf565SB4mZUIS91s We appreciate all who contributed to this process, and look forward to seeing the impacts of funded organizations on campus next year. The Direct Student Funding (DSF) committee will now focus on
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Updated DSF Recommendation

SAFB will present an updated recommendation on the Student Activity Fee at 6:30pm in the Carver-Turner Rool on Tuesday, 10/24/2016 during the Student Council meeting. The updated recommendation presents a sustainable solution to the problem of Performing Arts funding. Please review the documentation embedded below for more information. The documentation is also available on the Direct
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DSF Student Council Vote

Student Council will be meeting Tuesday, October 25th at 6:30pm in the St. Pat’s Ballroom of the Havener Center to vote a final recommendation for the Student Activity Fee, the conclusion of the annual Direct Student Funding (DSF) process. Add the meeting to your calendar.  The discussion will begin with SAFB’s presentation of our updated
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SAFB Welcomes Three New Members

SAFB has voted to approve three new members, and they will be confirmed by Student Council on Tuesday, October 25th. Hadley Bjerke, a junior, joined SAFB to help represent the student body through making sure their wants and needs align with funding. Hadley has experience with SUB, Student Council, Southwinds, the Missouri Miner, and Kappa
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Open Forum Recommendations

Preliminary Direct Student Funding Recommendations are now available from the Student Activity Finance Board. . Visit the SAFB documentation website for more information on the organizations funded through this process. These recommendations will be presented at the DSF Open Forum tomorrow, Oct. 11th, at 5pm in McNutt 204. The recommendations are available below.