DSF Proposals

As detailed in the SAFB Code, proposals for new fees through the Direct Student Funding (DSF) process will be considered in Spring 2017. If accepted, the organization will participate in the Fall 2017 DSF process that will recommend fees for FY19.

  • Spring 2017: Initial Proposal Considered
  • Fall 2017: Formal Application Considered
  • Fall 2018 & Spring 2019: Fee Implemented, Funds Generated

Contact safb@mst.edu promptly if you are interested in forming a proposal.

The proposal must be presented and approved by Student Council by the second to last general body meeting of the semester, currently Tuesday, April 11th. Visit stuco.mst.edu for more meeting information.

However, the proposal must be reviewed by SAFB before it may be added to the Agenda of the Student Council General Body Meeting by the StuCo Executive Committee.

Please arrange a meeting with SAFB by the end of February to ensure ample time to meet these deadlines.

Tl;dr: before you application to be considered may be considered, your application to be considered for being considered must be reviewed and approved by StuCo & SAFB. Then, once you are approved to be considered, you will be considered in the fall.

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