Meeting Scheduling Policy Update

SAFB’s use of the Google Appointment Scheduling Tool improves both our efficiency and effectiveness. However, please avoid scheduling meetings with less than twelve (12) hours in advance. SAFB does not guarantee availability for meetings scheduled less than twelve hours in advance. We will attempt to facilitate these meetings when possible.

EFC Deadlines

Please remember that the Spring 2016 EFC deadline is Friday, February 10th at 5pm. Please have your review meeting, submit on OrgSync, and submit the paper copy by this deadline. This deadline is for Club Appropriations, but Campus Events applications are encouraged to be submitted before this deadline to speed processing. Visit our website for more
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Spring 2017 Account Status

As of 2/3/2017, the EFC accounts overseen by SAFB have the following standing: Club Appropriations: $22,434.82 Campus Events: $52,502.57 Non-Varsity Sports: $118,193.33 Professional Projects: $111,192.23 Equipment & Contingencies: $117,363.63 These amounts do not include any previous unspent allocations, and are not for official use. Please contact with any questions.