EFC Spending & Reallocation Deadline

Purchases All purchases are to be made by the last day of the semester they are approved for (The semester ends the last Friday of finals). If not, organizations will need to apply for an extension before the end of said semester. Reallocation Requests All reallocation requests are to be submitted on OrgSync before 5pm
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Fall 2017 EFC Deadlines

The Fall 2017 External Funding Contributions (EFC) deadlines are as follows: Final Application Deadline: Friday, September 15, 2017 Professional Projects, Applications accepted Fall only Non-Varsity Sports Applications accepted Fall only Club Appropriations Applications accepted both Fall/Spring Campus Events Fall deadline is the priority deadline Final deadline is 30 days before event Visit SAFB website for more
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Membership Applications Available

SAFB is actively recruiting members. Please complete the application here.  SAFB meets on Sunday at 8pm, and getting involved is a great way to have a direct impact on campus through the management and allocation of student fees. Meaningful experience in resource management and negotiation is a key benefit of membership. Membership Requirements: Minimum 2nd
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Meeting Scheduling Policy Update

SAFB’s use of the Google Appointment Scheduling Tool improves both our efficiency and effectiveness. However, please avoid scheduling meetings with less than twelve (12) hours in advance. SAFB does not guarantee availability for meetings scheduled less than twelve hours in advance. We will attempt to facilitate these meetings when possible.