DSF Proposals

As detailed in the SAFB Code,┬áproposals for new fees through the Direct Student Funding (DSF) process will be considered in Spring 2017. If accepted, the organization will participate in the Fall 2017 DSF process that will recommend fees for FY19. Spring 2017: Initial Proposal Considered Fall 2017: Formal Application Considered Fall 2018 & Spring 2019: Read more about DSF Proposals[…]

OrgSync Submission

Hello, If you are having difficulty locating the “SAFB Application Form” on OrgSync, please check on your Organization’s Portal under “Forms” for this form. You may have to be an officer/administrator of your portal to see this form. This screenshot shows how the form should appear: If you cannot see this form, you can use Read more about OrgSync Submission[…]

PDF Application Filling

The new and improved SAFB EFC funding applications are formatted as a “fillable” PDF. This allows the applications to be more intuitive, and readable. The new applications are available from https://sites.google.com/a/mst.edu/safb/efc/applications The “View” link is to preview the form, to begin filling, please click “Download” and save the PDF to your computer. You can click Read more about PDF Application Filling[…]

What’s New with EFC Applications?

The Student Activity Finance Board has updated the EFC application process for the Fall 2016 semester, in accordance with a spirit of continuous improvement. PDF Application Forms The Application Forms are now PDF based, making them more intuitive to complete, and readable. The previous Excel based forms will no longer be accepted. Remember, you still Read more about What’s New with EFC Applications?[…]